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Small Boat Booking

Terms Of Use

* Boats are available between 7 am and 8pm every day. You may book up to 2 hours at a time, except the 7:00pm booking time, unless you get ok for extended sessions from a Coach.
* Boats must only be booked one week in advance.

* Paddlers must be wearing or have a PFD on their boat at all times. PFD MUST be worn Oct1-March31. April 1st- September 30th paddlers are encouraged to wear a PFD but must at least have one on their boat. Inflatable PFDs MUST be worn regardless of time of year.

* Paddlers must have their own boat lights when training in the dark. Boat leashes are provided on the boat and must be worn.

* Paddlers are encouraged to train with at least one other person for safety and not to venture more than 500m from the shore.

* If training alone paddlers are asked not to leave the harbour and stay inside of work point /Ogden Point.

* If training alone and in the dark please stay inside of Johnson Street Bridge.

* Minimum safety equipments are a leash, PFD, whistle, and front and back lights at night. A water protected cell phone or VHF radio are highly recommended.

* Make good choices, stay safe

* Lock combinations are not to be shared with non-members of Latitude 48

Canoe Care

* Orientation with once of the coaches is required before your first training session.

* Treat the boat with care as though it was your own (because it is), use stretchers to put togther and take apart the canoes. Rinse all parts of the canoe with fresh water before putting away. Ensure that all pieces are secure and safe before leaving the dock.

* Do not take risks by going into shallow or unknown waters

* Report any damage immediately to one of the coaches so it can be checked before the next paddler takes the boat out.

* Always ask for assistance if you are uncertain of being able to lift and move a canoe safely on your own without causing damages

*** During race season, boats can be booked one month in advance of the race but please talk to coaches before booking.

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