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After getting into paddling through dragon boat, James was coerced to start coaching with a mere six months of paddling experience and has been learning and loving coaching ever since. James enjoys learning about human performance and coaching theories, and putting that knowledge into effect by helping people discover their passion for paddling and reaching beyond what they assumed limits. As an athlete, James has competed in the Moloka’i Hoe, Pailolo Challenge, Catalina Crossing, Queen Liliuokalani, the Maui 2 Moloka’i OC1 race and countless local and regional races. Having now coached everyone from novices who had never paddled before on up to Team Canada, James is proud to be working with Latitude 48 to build this new club and it’s athletes.



Jim has been in the Victoria paddling community so long that you’d swear you saw his face in one of the black and white photos of the swimming festivals from the turn of the (last) century. The typical strong, silent type, Jim has ironed the Moloka’i Hoe in seat 6 both times a Vancouver Island-based team has attempted the race, not to mention steering the Catalina Crossing several times, Queen Lilli in 2012 and a couple of first place finishes at the Columbia River. Jim has also completed three Maui 2 Moloka’i crossings in OC1. While Jim is frequently reticent, when he does speak his keen technical eye becomes obvious with his incisive wisdom on efficient and effective paddling form.

Corey Teramura


Corey brings unending enthusiasm to coaching. He has a passion for the culture surrounding outrigger and loves to help connect people to the ocean. Corey has decades of coaching experience and has fostered camaraderie and a love of being on the water at every stop on his journey.

Coaches: Meet the Team



Since beginning her paddling career in a dragon boat, Mel has now done most of the big outrigger races in the world, and has raced on Team Canada at both the World Sprint and the World Distance Championships. To this day Mel maintains her devastating effectiveness by rolling up her sleeves and taking everything personally. Melanie got into serious paddling by haphazardly accepting any and every challenge put in front of her, she has now become the true force behind the scenes at Latitude 48. Mel enjoys seeing paddlers develop and reach their potential, and has a special passion for helping women unleash their inner paddling beast.

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